We all carry our own ‘internal supervisor‘ and we are often too critical and unforgiving of our own mistakes.

If therapists or others working in the helping/caring profession feel supported by another supportive adult they retain their emotional security. Without that support, even very competent practitioners can feel isolated, become overwhelmed and perhaps doubt their abilities.


Supervision is a co-operative, facilitating relationship which:

  • Enables the supervisee to develop as an effective professional

  • Offers a space where the supervisee can reflect on all aspects of their clinical work and be assured that he/she is practicing effectively and responsibly

I attend regular monthly supervision to ensure that I am able to offer the best to people who use my services.

I provide private clinical supervision to both experienced and trainee counsellors. I have provided supervision to placement counsellors as well as teaching and pastoral staff within educational and residential environments.

Responses from supervisees include:


“I thought I was personally aware as a trained therapist, but with supervision that awareness is now more realistic, accurate and honest”


“I have found it interesting to re-examine and explore new ideas”


“I am identifying weaknesses in the way in which I work with my clients; and am seeing that I am now so much more effective”


“I am not afraid to just listen”


“Supervision has provided me with the emotional containment I need in order for me to provide the emotional containment for my clients”


“Being supervised means that I feel psychologically held, listened to, heard, encouraged, challenged and stimulated”

Location & Fees

I can offer either short or long term therapy dependent on need. Our sessions would normally be weekly and would last for 50mins. I can provide daytime and evening appointments.

My practice is in Staplehurst, which is located midway between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I am situated 10 to 15 minutes-walk from Staplehurst Station. There is adequate on road parking outside my practice if needed.

Please contact me for my fees. I offer a reduced fee to trainee counsellors.